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Silent actuators production and automation company? Hydraulically amplified self-healing electrostatic (HASEL) actuators are a commercialized soft robotic motion technology, featuring muscle-like performance, that spun out of the Keplinger Research Group at the University of Colorado Boulder. Artimus Robotics was founded in 2018 by the core inventors of the HASEL actuator technology, who sought to develop a commercialized product by building off their PhD dissertation work in mechanical engineering and materials science.

The use of our technology will mitigate your needs for clunky air supply lines or low fidelity vibrating motors, instead providing your user with a truly life-like physical response. No longer will you rely on high frequency vibrations to trick a human response, HASEL actuator technology can provide low frequency and amplitude varied responses to give your user an organic response. Our unique engineering solutions provide the functionality that underwater actuation requires. We are currently partnered with researchers in the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) space, and are also exploring underwater and high pressure pumps and valves.

HASEL actuators utilize thin plastic films and liquids to achieve high mechanical compliance. Artimus Robotics provides world class engineering and design solutions to your application. We will bring forward your vision of soft actuation. The ability to physically grasp objects in our immediate environment is a trait that makes us distinctly human. From picking objects up for inspection to throwing with extreme accuracy, these kinds of actions differentiate us from other mammals. Our arms and hands are made up of complex muscle systems that work together with the brain to allow us to move flexibly enough to make these actions. See more information on

HASEL actuator force and displacement output are continuously variable and are highly controllable. This control allows for extremely diverse and versatile motions. In industrial markets, where labor shortages are a constant challenge, advanced automation technologies are needed. At Artimus, we provide actuator technologies that truly replicate the abilities of human muscle, meaning any task that a person can do, our technology can replicate.

Artimus Robotics engineers, designs, and manufactures connected hardware which offers intelligent lifelike motion for the next generation of automation, robotics, and consumer devices. We make a meaningful and positive impact on the way the world moves for the benefit of both individuals and society. Interested in purchasing only one HASEL actuator? Not interested in the power supply? No problem. Any product in the development kit can be individually purchased and customized to your unique application. Contact our team for questions about customization. Read more details at