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Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat: The chances of seeing a tiger here are zero. I’m not. This is home instead of the last wild Asian lions on Earth. Yes, wild lions in India! Panthera leo persica is a subspecies different from its African cousin, panthera leo leo, and at one point these lions penetrated from South Asia to the outskirts of Europe. In fact, it is possible that these Asian lions are those that gladiators used to fight against the stadiums in ancient Rome. If the thrill of the safari tiger is going to be a pulse race, you will enjoy a visit to this park as much as any of the above. And most tourists who spend a few days here see at least one lion.

Now everything is dry, burnt, the leaves of most trees have fallen or have already fallen. Gir has a large “very dry teak forest” (Tectona grandis) according to local classifications of forest types and subtypes. It consists of trees with falling leaves, with a height of approx. 15-25 meters. But besides this dominant species of the park, there are also other species of trees (for example Sterculia urens and Ficus benghalensis), as well as spiny bushes, grassy areas that are now sun-dried, totally dry. There are also ponds, marshes, lakes, rocks. Termite constructions stand out everywhere, rising to 1-1,8 m from the ground level. Read more details at Wildlife tours India.

Local gastronomy: It will definitely be a unique experience, but do not expect to be prepared. Given the low living standards of African countries, their traditional foods are simplistic, based on meat and vegetables. In Tanzania and Kenya you will find Ugali – a kind of white lobster (made from maize, maize or sorghum) served with fish, meat or vegetables. In Cape Verde, if you are a fan of fish and seafood, be prepared for good experiences: it is only in the middle of the Atlantic. In Madagascar you will eat a lot of rice with vegetables and you should not avoid the “rice cake” – their bread based on rice. If you are more conservative, do not worry, because you will find many restaurants with European specificity: many people from the old continent have retired to Tanzania and have opened a restaurant.

Kenya safari advice : Seaside area – tens and hundreds of resorts stretch along the white beaches and the green sea and permanently warm to the north and south of Mombassa. Diani Beach is generally considered to be the best beach in the area, but do not expect an experience typical of large seaside resorts – there are not many areas with bars, discos, restaurants, all concentrated within the resort. The city on the coast of Mombassa is quite dangerous and it is best to visit the group. Mount Kenya – Did you climb Kilimanjaro and did you like it? Try the younger brother, Mount Kenya. The landscapes will make you not regret the few hours of cardio. Nairobi – the combination of modern and traditional you will probably like. It is not an impressive city, but it is an experience in itself. You should not miss the Giraffe Center, where you can get closer to the giraffes and, if you give them a little food, you will feel their tongue extremely dry on your fingers. Source: